The Next Step for Your Next Big Idea

Accounting firms aren’t often sought out for marketing and product innovation ideas and advice. So, you may ask, what does an accounting firm know about this topic?

Believe it or not, plenty. An accounting firm is a business – and any business has to make sure that the products or services it offers will actually be purchased by customers. So while having that big idea is a great first step, that’s all it is – a first step. What’s even more important is for your idea to be wanted and needed by your target audience. Otherwise, even the best concept is dead in the water long before it hits the market.

There is a great book on this subject that we strongly recommend called “Tuned In,” written by Craig Stull, Phil Myers and David Meeman Scott. It does a great job of explaining how to discover key insights into your target market by connecting with them to find out what they’re really looking for. By better understanding their needs and wants, you can help ensure that your big idea translates into big sales.

Quite often we get so attached to a new idea that we can be blind as to whether it’s relevant. Making assumptions about what your audience wants can lead to money wasted in product development. Your company’s professional reputation can also take a hit, because it shows a lack of willingness to connect with your customers.

The authors share a variety of stories about successful products to illustrate the importance of listening to and understanding your audience. In many cases, these products’ popularity didn’t come from luck, creativity or clever marketing. Instead, they succeeded – or resonated, as the authors like to say – because their creators “tuned in” to their buyers to find out what they valued most.

While this book is a must read for any firm, tech startups in particular can benefit. With technology evolving at breakneck speeds, ideas are generated rapidly; the rush to be the first to send a product to market can make it tempting to skip the necessary process to ensure that it meets customer needs and wants.

Tuned In” can help you take the steps beyond idea generation, including “identifying unresolved problems, understanding what the buyers really want, creating breakthrough experiences and establishing strong, sustainable connections to your market.” So check it out and see how you can increase the chances that your next big idea is truly a good one.

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