To Cloud or Not to Cloud: It’s Your Business Decision

Using the right technology will improve your business processes and lower your operating costs through increased efficiency and enhanced collaboration. However, with technology’s rapidly changing landscape and so many avenues from which to choose, finding the right IT solution for your organization can be a daunting task.

Cloud technology, when properly implemented, is a scalable and customizable solution that works well for most organizations. Over the past few years the technology has evolved to become a practicable alternative or compliment to in-house solutions by offering the benefits of increased functionality and mobility while at the same time lowering costs.

During this recorded webinar, Curtis McCallister, MCSE, CCA, Manager of Technology Solutions at James Moore, CPAs, explains what cloud computing means, defines the different types, and discusses how it can be applied to your organization to meet your specific needs. Curtis will also explain the user experience, expectations, benefits, considerations, and address security concerns. Our real-life examples will provide guidance to help you determine if cloud technology is right for your organization.

Watch the webinar recording: