2024 Government CPE Series: Gone in 60 Seconds – A Cybersecurity Reality Check

Please note: CPE was only available for the live version of this webinar. CPE is not available for the webinar on-demand version.

Cybersecurity breaches dominate headlines almost daily — and understanding and fighting these threats can seem daunting, confusing and highly technical. James Moore Technology Services president Tomas Sjostrom will demystify it by sharing real-world breach experiences and illustrating how these incidents occur. He’ll also outline five straightforward steps to enhance your business’s security.

By the end of this session, his goal is for you to:
1. Understand the Reality: Gain insights into what truly happens during a cybersecurity breach.
2. Be Prepared: Learn how to respond effectively if your organization faces a breach.
3. Avoid Pitfalls: Discover what not to do during a breach.
4. Identify Threat Actors: Understand who the “bad guys” (and girls) are.
5. Protect Your Business: Acquire actionable strategies to safeguard your company.

And above all, let’s ensure you have an informative and enjoyable time!

Tomas Sjostrom, CISSP, President, James Moore Technology Services
Ryan Wilkerson, Service Manager, James Moore Technology Services

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