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Thinking about expanding your business or sending your kids to college? Or maybe it’s a new house, a tax-efficient estate plan or even the retirement you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Whatever’s next on your agenda, a strategic approach to tax planning can help you achieve it more cost effectively. 

James Moore gives you customized support and cutting-edge tax solutions designed around your specific life circumstances. Why pay more in taxes than you have to?

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Proactive approach

A well-designed tax plan can save you serious money, helping you reach your goals sooner and boosting your organization’s bottom line.


Customized approach

Year-round support and services that keep you in compliance while minimizing business, personal and estate tax liabilities.


Comprehensive tax solutions

Count on our tax pros for a coordinated plan to address your federal, state, local and international tax compliance needs.

We’re all ears. (And brains. And of course, heart. And other good stuff.)

At James Moore, we know that a successful relationship means listening to you and not jumping to conclusions. After all, when it comes to your unique goals and challenges, you’re the expert. Count on us for tax solutions and services built around what’s most important: Your life.

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Business Tax

Business Tax

Tax decisions can mean the difference in a successful business and one that struggles financially. Get the tax insights and solutions you need to thrive.

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Individual Tax

Individual Tax

Create a personalized tax strategy that avoids penalties and takes full advantage of deductions, credits and other incentives for maximum tax savings.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The assets you’ve built over a lifetime matter to you – and to your beneficiaries. Tax-efficient estate planning helps you conserve what you’ve worked for.

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State and Local Tax (SALT)

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Multi-state tax liabilities are more common than ever, and the penalties for noncompliance can be steep. Do you understand your obligations?

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International Tax

International Tax

In a global economy, taxes can get complicated fast. We help you stay in compliance no matter where your life and your business take you.

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John VanDuzer

John VanDuzer, CPA


John helps a variety of clients to achieve their long-term goals, minimize their tax burden and maximize the value of their business. As a key member of our Real Estate Services team, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the accounting and tax concerns of this industry. The Partner-in-Charge of our Ocala office, John also heads the firm’s Tax Department and leads a team of over 40 professionals in serving the firm’s business and individual tax clients.

John’s expertise spans several areas:

Real Estate Industry
Real estate development
Property management
Hotel development

Business Consulting
Succession planning
Purchase and sale transactions
Estate and gift tax planning
Like-kind exchanges

Entity structuring
Special allocations
Tiered partnerships
Profits interests

An active speaker and writer within the community, John regularly addresses topics specific to real estate development gains and losses, tax opportunities, property manager solutions, capitalization policies, and advanced tax implications specific to real estate. He is a member of the Builders Association of North Central Florida and the local chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

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