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Don’t fear your finances. Master them.

Our CPAs help individuals and families across Florida with their tax and financial planning needs.

Having stable finances is about much more than bringing home a steady paycheck every two weeks. It’s about having investment strategies, the lowest possible tax burden and the ability to look ahead with confidence.

Financial uncertainty breeds fear. Fear of not being able to help pay for your kid’s college or not having enough in retirement. The key to extinguishing this fear is having a plan. Tax planning, estate planning and wealth preservation planning are all strategies not just for wealth management—they’re your key to mastering fear and unlocking freedom.

Your long-term financial stability starts with the decisions you make today. James Moore will help you address the many factors of financial planning, helping you take control of your finances and create a future of stability, predictability and happiness. Working with us means more than reviewing balance sheets and financial statements. It means talking in real terms about the life you want to have and what it means to realize those dreams.

Plan Today, Benefit Tomorrow

Put your finances on track for the future

Annual changes in the tax code affect how you should handle your finances. When the time comes to adjust your strategy or pivot to take advantage of new deductions, rely on James Moore to assist you. We stay up-to-date and familiar with the tax code, helping you adapt your personal financial strategy appropriately. Our mission is to help you keep as much of your wealth as possible, so you can focus on planning for the long-term.

We focus on a proactive tax planning approach, keeping you ahead of changes to the tax code before you become impacted by them. Our holistic consideration of your tax position means unlocking benefits and opportunities where they might otherwise be overlooked, while keeping you in total compliance with the tax code.

The wealth you accumulate throughout your life will pass on after you do. But, without proper planning and oversight, who’s to say it’ll be handled appropriately? Through estate planning services, James Moore works with your financial advisor, attorney and other professionals by contributing our expertise in the tax code, valuation discounts, credits, deductions and more. With this team approach, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive picture of your wealth and a robust plan for how it should be passed on.

We focus on preserving your wealth and ensuring it’s handled appropriately. Our services aren’t specific to end-of-life estate planning, either! If you’re marrying, retiring or facing a life changing event, we’ll help you go into it with total confidence in the stability of your estate.

You work hard to earn everything you have—make sure you’re protecting it! Without proper planning and management solutions, it’s easy for your wealth to be eaten by taxes or lost to unsecured investments. James Moore partners with HK Financial Services, a national wealth management company that specializes in helping accounting firm clients. Together, we will assist you in all facets of wealth management, including retirement planning, asset management, risk management and insurance, and financial planning. We aim to help you preserve your wealth and add to it, so you can continue to enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself.

Our strategies include strategic investment recommendations, tax burden minimization, charitable giving, trusts and more—all structured for total compliance. We’re here to help you minimize risk, maximize wealth and cement your confidence and peace of mind.

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James Moore & Co. has been our accountant for 30 years and we couldn’t be happier with the friendly, prompt, and accurate service we have always received.

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Excellent service from highly capable, well-informed experts! THE place in [Florida] for the best in accounting, tax, and IRS help and information.

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