Rebekah Hill

Operations Manager

"Your day is defined by the decisions you make. I go into my day knowing I want to look back and confidently say that I gave it the best I could."

Rebekah (or Bekah, as she prefers) keeps our Ocala office running. She is in charge of internal processes and protocols, internal communications, employee hiring/onboarding/retention, and the building facilities.

Bekah has nearly 10  years of operations and human resources experience. This includes not only business operations but event planning as well. Through this work experience, she’s developed a solid focus on the people and the details involved in any given project. By employing a collaborative perspective over the years and in her present work, she is able to see how one aspect of operations affects other processes throughout the firm.


Bachelor of Science in Event Management, University of Central Florida

Fun Facts

When she’s not in the office, Bekah can be found surfing on the lake or hiking.

She also enjoys finding local, hole-in-the-wall spots you don’t normally see online.