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It’s a bonus September episode! Today we address the uncertainty of budgeting without football. We’ve reached the six-month mark of athletics departments modeling and remodeling for worst case scenarios. And a big thing we’ve noticed… some schools are better built and prepared for these challenges than others.

Joining Katie today is Debra Boughton, Chief of Staff/Senior Associate AD for Revenue Generation/SWA at Northern Illinois University Athletics. This episode provides a deeper dive to the discussions that Katie, Debra, and other panelists had on the LEAD1 virtual forum, focusing on dealing with the financial fallout of COVID-19. Debra has a unique perspective and “outside the box” approach to leadership in college athletics, so it’s an episode you do not want to miss!

00:10 – Welcome and Introductions
01:31 – Brews of the Week
02:38 – Leadership Bio
06:35 – What Gets You Up in the Morning?
09:52 – Athlete Wellness
13:48 – Challenging the Status Quo
18:56 – Evolution of Budget Impacts
25:50 – Top Metrics for Monitoring Financial Health
30:00 – Common Misperceptions of Group of 5 Athletics Finances
38:26 – Advice for Peers
44:34 – Wrap-Up

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