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Benefits and Compensation

Compensation Consultants for businesses of every size

A positive company culture and inspiring work are coveted qualities in a workplace. But let’s face it—a good salary and benefits package will help you attract and retain good talent. So you want to be sure you’re offering the best options you can provide for both prospective and current employees.

It sounds like a simple enough endeavor, but higher pay rates and stuffed benefits packages aren’t the only guidelines. Salaries should not only be attractive but also appropriate for the position. Fluffy fringe benefits, while intriguing, don’t mean much if an employee doesn’t really use them (not to mention that benefits can be subject to tax treatment, regulations and other outside factors).

In short… there’s a lot to consider when putting together or revising your organization’s pay and benefits. Our compensation consultants can help you make sense of the options available and ensure that you meet the necessary regulations. Our work for you can include:

  • Compensation surveys/analysis

  • Benefits analysis, consultations and administration

  • COBRA administration

  • ACA compliance consulting

  • ERISA compliance consulting

  • Garnishment/tax levy administration

  • Timekeeping and expense guidelines

  • 401k Peace of Mind

Do you actually know what you don’t know?

Sometimes you have needs in areas you don’t know about. And that’s often where human resources consulting starts.
Whatever your question is, there’s likely an aspect we can tackle with you on your quest for excellence!


Top Compliance Issues

  • Should my independent contractors really be employees?
  • Do my offer letters have all necessary language?
  • Are we completing I-9s correctly? What if my new hire lives in a different location?
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Staffing and Recruiting

Staffing and Recruiting

  • Talent shortage: How do we get through the noise and stand out?
  • Why are behavioral interview questions important?
  • We received 100 applications; do we have to keep them all?
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Development and Training

Development and Training

  • How do I measure individual performance?
  • How can I improve performance and communication?
  • How do I guide employees through company changes?
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Benefits and Compensation

Benefits and Compensation

  • Are my company’s salaries and benefits package competitive?
  • How do benefits and compensation motivate my employees?
  • Am I paying tracking hours and overtime correctly?
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Employee Relations and Management

Employee Relations and Management

  • Are my employees happy, engaged and invested?
  • Investigations: How do I handle disputes between staff members?
  • Labor Relations: My employees want to unionize; what comes next?
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HR Management

HR Management

  • Start up: What do I need to hire my first employee?
  • What are HR best practices we should implement to move us forward?
  • I don’t have HR staff; where do I go to get answers?
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