Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster

When it comes to making decisions, time is money. And the longer you take weighing your options, the more opportunity can pass you by.

Having the information you need — when you need it — is the key to making sound decisions and seizing that opportunity. It allows you to quickly identify customer needs, manage cash flow more thoroughly and efficiently, better monitor and track results… the possibilities are endless!

Here’s the good news: Chances are you already have this data in your systems. You just need to gather it and make it usable. And that’s where we come in. Our data analytics and business intelligence experts have decades of experience and a unique accounting perspective, and we have the tools it takes to harness your data and put it to work for you.

To give you insight into the impact that data analytics on the industry and the potential effects it can have in your business, we've compiled a collection case studies for your review:

Four data analysts having a team meeting around a conference room table.

Elevate Funding

A tech start-up was struggling with maintaining daily transactions and closing their books timely. They needed help optimizing their processes to keep staffing numbers low and to improve their financial data to maintain investor confidence. James Moore created automated workflows in Alteryx to help the company save on personnel time, reduce risk and improve employee morale.

A team of accountants sitting at a table discussing returns as a team.

Cash Flow Return on Investment

We can talk about our data analytics services… or you can read about the results. See what we did for one specialty healthcare practice!

Two Asian women sitting in the breezeway of an airport lobby in front of glass windows where you can see a plan flying by behind them.

University Athletics

A major university’s athletics financial operations team maintains the budget and actual reporting process for the school’s entire athletics program. The existing reporting tool was unintuitive and lacked visibility into underlying data. We helped modernize the finance team’s budget to actuals reconciliation and reporting process across their athletics program.

A work environment with two computer monitors, a keyboard, and other desk items.

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