Recent Hire Profiles

Learn why they chose James Moore over other firms.


Associate Accountant

“I was looking for a job with a real opportunity to grow my career. During my interview at James Moore, they made it clear that I could work my way up to senior, manager or even further if I wanted to. They were extremely helpful and it felt like a great work environment.

Now that I’m here, I know that this isn’t an empty promise. I have a guide to answer my questions about the firm, a mentor who helps me improve in my work, and a career advisor who helps me to grow and be ready for new positions. But it’s not just all work. There’s a laid back culture with fun off-job activities to balance the urgent and challenging work we do.”


Accounting Manager

“My first experience with James Moore was actually as a client when I was employed elsewhere. As I watched their accountants work, I saw that that they acted more like friends or family than coworkers. There was a lot of encouragement and cooperation between them, and they seemed supportive and relaxed while still being productive.

While the interview process was a bit thorough, I now see why. They were verifying that I was the right person for the position. My technical knowledge was important, but they really wanted to make sure I fit with the culture. This shows how much they care about the existing employees and the calibration of the team. And ever since my very first day here, I’ve gotten a lot of support from top management and everyone in the firm—just like I saw years ago!”


Staff Accountant

“The biggest thing I noticed during my interview process here was that I met with someone from every seniority level—a staff member, an associate, a manager and a partner. And all of them stressed their availability to help, making it clear that there’s an open door policy for someone like me to speak with them and ask for advice. That was a key selling point that led me to accept this job.

The culture at James Moore is unbelievable. Unlike what I experienced in previous positions, the environment here is friendly and cooperative. Everyone is more than willing to sit down with me and answer questions, even if it strains their own time. That makes me even more comfortable when going to them; it’s never a worried or hostile culture.”