Set a Course for Success

If your financial success is a voyage, a Chief Financial Officer is the captain of your ship. By overseeing accounting, administration, financial planning and risk management, a CFO helps your organization stay afloat through rough and calm seas alike.

A CFO provides important information and advice to help you make the financial decisions that shape your company’s future. But what if you don’t require such expertise full time or the salary is something you can’t support?

Good news—you can still get the insight you need.

C-Suite Expertise...Without a C-Suite Salary

With James Moore’s CFO Consulting Services, you’ll have peace of mind that a professional CPA is watching over your finances and giving time-tested advice and service. We’ll provide an experienced point of view for internal control analysis, cash flow projections, budget assistance, grant compliance and monitoring, cost analysis, training of your staff and more.

After serving businesses, nonprofits and other organizations for over 50 years, we know a thing or two about good financial guidance. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make sound decisions, be prepared for audits, improve your operations and otherwise navigate the waters of your financial future.

Let us step in to guide you on your organization’s journey. Contact us to see how CFO Consulting Services can help you set your course for financial success.

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