Katie Davis and Jim Booz Quoted in Forbes Article

The NCAA and Power Five conferences’ $2.8 billion settlement in the House v. NCAA case compensates former student-athletes for missed NIL earnings and establishes a significant framework for future revenue sharing, eliminating scholarship caps and allocating an estimated $20 million annually per school.

This progress means athletic departments will need to determine fair market values for compliance. However, it also introduces financial and legal complexities — including Title IX implications and the need to balance profit-driven approaches with the mission-focused nature of college athletics.

James Moore partner (and Higher Education Team leader) Katie Davis and director of collegiate athletics advisory services Jim Booz discuss the topic in an article by Kristi Dosh, founder of the Business of College Sports. As established voices in collegiate athletics accounting and name, image and likeness (NIL), Katie and Jim have spoken several times with media outlets about the tax impact of NIL policies and NIL affects on institutions, organizations and student-athletes alike.

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