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Packages start at just $4,900!

Unlock the Restrictions on Your ARPA Funding

Is your county or municipality a recipient of ARPA Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (CSLFRF) of less than $10 million? Are you still trying to prioritize projects within the eligible premium pay, infrastructure project or other eligible uses?

If so, stop what you’re doing and consider the following before going down any unnecessary path that could add unneeded complexity and risk to the use of your ARPA funds. Because when all is said and done, you can now effectively spend the impact of those funds on any governmental purpose.

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How We Help

Peace of Mind Over Your ARPA Reporting

The Treasury’s Final Rule expanded the available use of these funds but didn’t eliminate all compliance requirements. That’s why we developed our ARPA Reporting and Compliance Services. We’ll help you leverage the flexibility allowed by CSLFRF program guidelines so you can confidently address the most serious challenges facing your organization.

These services are performed by full-time CPA auditors on our Government Services Team. As government CPAs for over 50 years, it’s our job to understand the ins and outs of these and other reporting and compliance requirements. Our team will help ensure you’re compliant while maximizing the funds available to invest into your local government.

Reporting and Compliance packages start at just $4,900 – a fraction of what most consulting firms charge. Even better, these services can be paid from your ARPA funds. So you’ll get the experience and knowledge necessary to help ensure compliance at a cost that allows almost all of your ARPA funds to go to work for your government. We can also provide customized project accounting services to help ensure back-end transparency.

So how does this work, exactly?

What services are included in the base Reporting and Compliance package?

Our base package includes all of the following:

  • Filing of all your ARPA reports in the Treasury portal
  • Development of internal policy and/or communication regarding the plan for the use and recognition of your ARPA funds
  • Compilation of a final audit package that can be provided to your auditors for single audit purposes.
What do you mean by spending the funds on “any governmental purpose”?

This is where a lot of confusion still exists. In short, we’ll help you claim the standard allowance and identify eligible expenditures on which the ARPA funds will be used to meet all restrictions. These eligible expenditures likely already exist in your current fiscal year’s budget. The resulting savings can then be used on any governmental purpose.

The $10 million standard allowance sounds helpful, but we already identified infrastructure projects to use up our entire award. Since we have a plan in place, does any of this really matter to us?

Absolutely. While you may not necessarily change the planned use, the reporting process for direct use of the ARPA funds on such projects is extensive and cumbersome. Engaging us to guide you through election of the standard allowance does more than simplify your reporting process. We’ll also help you strategize how to minimize the additional impact of any single audit costs.

So really, how much is this going to cost?

Our base package for small governments costs $4,900 with total award amounts under $1 million. Fees scale upward only minimally for larger awards, not to exceed a maximum of $8,900.

Why are you charging so much less than other ARPA consultants?

For us, it’s about repetition, economies of scale and our commitment to bringing the highest level of value to our clients. The number of organizations we’re working with through this process has enabled us to spread our own research and training costs across a broader population.

What additional services are available?

We’d be glad to make a presentation to your elected officials to explain the standard allowance and opportunities available (think again – ANY governmental purpose) to utilize your funds. We also offer project accounting and reporting services related to the use of the economic impact of your ARPA funds but providing a summary of the related expenditures for internal use and distribution to your elected officials and/or citizens. Our fees for these services (as add-ons to our base reporting and compliance package) are as follows:

  • Presentation to Elected Officials (pre- and/or post-reporting and expenditure of funds)
    • In person: $1,000 (plus reimbursement of actual costs and travel time in excess of 1 hour at $100/hour)
    • Remote: $750
  • Project Accounting and Reporting Services
    • Project Tracking and Final Report Summarizing Use of Funds - $7,500
    • Interim Reports: $2,000 per report issued
Will you be performing this work on site or remotely?

All work can be performed remotely, so we’re able to help you regardless of where you are!

When is the first reporting deadline?

For non-entitlement units (NEUs), the first deadline is April 30, 2022. We can also work with you if your entity has differing report dates, even if you need help changing direction from any initial plans that may have been submitted in an interim report.

This all sounds great. How do I get started?

Just reach out to one of our government services team members or fill out the contact form above! Someone from our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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Who We Are

James Moore & Co. is a full-service firm with a distinct focus in serving the needs of local government. With nearly 300 employees and offices located throughout Florida, we provide services to counties, municipalities, special districts, pension plans, school districts and internal accounts.

We understand your day-to-day challenges. Fluctuating budgets. Reporting responsibilities. Complex human resources requirements. Technology needs. Whether you’re a large county or small agency, you likely have the same concerns.

Good governance goes beyond compliance, and so does our experienced Government Services team. Our work is about more than helping you adhere to audit requirements or the latest changes from GASB (although we certainly do that). It’s about bringing solutions to address all of your needs and empowering you to fulfill your mission. It’s about timely service, clear communication and a calculated commitment to you.

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