Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

When it is time to be more efficient, it is time to go Lean.

Lean is the purposeful elimination of wasteful activities. Six Sigma is a problem-solving model designed to improve quality and eliminate variation. Together they make Lean Six Sigma - a way to do things better

Many organizations struggle with issues such as: limited capacity, disorganization, excessive steps in the production or service delivery process and defects or errors in work product. 

These problems manifest themselves in all areas of an organization from product development, to service delivery to accounting and reporting to stakeholders.

It’s not always easy to recognize such wastes but you may recognize them as delays in delivering your product or service to your customers or clients, customer complaints, excess overtime, lack of capacity, too much inventory, employee moral issues, and lengthy time periods to process information and receive data.

The challenge can be convincing others within the organization that there is a better way to do things. Change is difficult if not managed correctly and often times fails. Our team of Lean Six Sigma (Lean) certified professionals has the skills and experience needed to help your team improve your processes, grow your lean leadership and ultimately improve your organization. Truly  benefiting  from all Lean has to offer can take time and may include multiple phases, and may be repeated depending on the individuals, processes, and departments involved.

* Training and education, addressing the basics of Lean
* Identifying processes which could benefit from applying Lean
* Accountability and coaching for leaders and individuals directly involved in a Lean process
* Mapping, analyzing and improving processes

Every organization is unique. Likewise, every process is unique. We work with governments, contractors, university-related organizations and other CPA firms, to name a few. Contact us to learn more about how your organization can benefit from adopting a Lean-focused culture.

Lean 6 Solutions 

Although we work with businesses and organizations across a wide array of industries, we have developed distinct solutions and service teams to work with government organizations and CPA Firms.  Our Lean 6 CPA Solution helps CPA firms improve client service while adding value to their Firm.  This solutions makes “doing more with less” a reality for CPA firms.  

Our Lean 6 Government Solution helps government organizations make the most of their limited resources while also improving “customer service”.  Who are their customers?  The answer varies by position.  For a city manager, their customers would be their constituents, city commissioners and department leaders, to name a few.  This solution helps maximize resources and eliminate wasteful activities while also improving customer service.  

 To review the Lean Six Sigma process improvement packages and certification programs we offer click HERE

**Grant Money Available Through Career Source Florida for Lean Six Sigma Training**

CareerSource Florida has several grant based training solutions to help for-profit Florida-based businesses not only increase productivity, but also to support skill development among their employees.  One such program is the Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT), which reimburses existing for-profit businesses for employer-driven training.  Because of the funding available through IWT, companies who implement Lean Six Sigma by training employees on these methodologies may be eligible to recoup a portion of their training cost.   Read more about the 2016/2017 IWT program and contact us to determine your project scope and associated training time.