Human Resources & Moore

Human Resources & Moore

Human resources compliance requirements and trends are constantly changing.

If your organization is not up to date on its HR knowledge and responsibilities, you run the risk of costly lawsuits and potential state and federal penalties for non-compliance. Sound human resource policies also play a big role in employee productivity, satisfaction, retention. By ensuring your people are in the right roles for their skills and career aspirations, you are helping to ensure the future of your workforce – and your company. 

Many companies are turning to outsourced HR service providers to address their human resources needs. From recruiting and retention to long-term personnel planning, external human resources experts help companies like yours maintain a happy and productive workforce while keeping up with federal and state regulations. This is especially helpful for small employers who may not have in-house HR expertise to assure that appropriate policies, procedures and documents are in place. Larger companies, however, can also benefit from outside counseling to address issues or plan long-term workforce growth. 

The HR professionals with Human Resources & Moore have worked in a variety of industries, as well as both union and non-union workplaces. Our firm has also partnered with HKP, a national workforce management company with distinct HR expertise. So you get the benefit of a local and experienced team supported by the bench strength of a national company. We offer a multitude of services in a wide range of subject matter areas, including:

* Staffing/Recruitment
* Compliance
* Organizational Development/Training
* Payroll, Compensation and Benefits
* Employee Relations/Management
* Human Resources Management

Customized Services & Pricing

While businesses and organizations face universal HR challenges, we know that yours is a unique entity with particular needs. Our services and pricing are available in a variety of forms including annual plans, a la carte services and as-needed consultation. 

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