Health Care Implementation

Health Care Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires large employers to offer health insurance to their full time employees.  But, they can’t just offer any insurance; they must offer affordable insurance that meets the minimum value requirements.  So how do businesses determine what’s affordable?  How do individuals learn about important tax considerations under the ACA?  Most importantly, how can you make sure you aren’t penalized for non-compliance?

We’ve heard your requests for information and listened to your concerns regarding penalties and taxes. We have responded by sending numerous informational eblasts on relevant topics related to the ACA to help you and your business make timely and informed decisions.  Following is a summary of our informational emails with links to the full articles. 

ACA Employer Appeals – Time is Money

Although you may provide ACA-coompliant health insurance options to your employees, sometimes they simply make another choice and get their health insurance coverage on their own through the Marketplace. If you’ve been hit with a fine as a result, you’ll need to file an appeal.  Learn More.  Sent 8.22.16.

The ICD Countdown is On!

The time is now for physician practices and health care providers to prepare for the new ICD-10 code set and minimize the likelihood of a cash flow disruption after October 1, 2015.  Learn More.  Sent 6.4.15.

ACA Reporting Requirements: Are You Ready?

The IRS has released the final regulations regarding how employers and insurance companies will report information that the IRS needs to enforce both the Individual and Employer Mandates of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). Learn More.  Sent 3.10.15.

Easing into the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions through Safe Harbors

Employers can ease into the Employer Shared Responsibility mandate through safe harbors, which relate to specific time periods in which employers can determine an employee’s full-time status, without facing a penalty.   Safe harbors are generally used by companies with a large number of part-time or seasonal employees.  Learn More.  Sent 3.31.15.

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

Any employer with 25 or fewer employees  who has  enrolled in SHOP coverage may qualify for  a tax credit  worth up to 50 percent of their contribution toward employees’ premium costs (35 percent for tax-exempt employers).  Learn More.  Sent 3/10/15.

Individual Shared Responsibility Provision & Filing Requirements

Taxpayers can satisfy the Individual Shared Responsibility provisions by enrolling in minimum essential coverage, qualifying for an exemption, or making a shared responsibility payment.  Learn More.  Sent 3.31.15

The End of Individual Health Policy Reimbursements

The Affordable Care Act restricts an employer’s ability to reimburse employees for premiums paid on individual health insurance policies.  Learn More.  Sent 3/10/15.

Will Your Business Owe Penalties Under the Affordable Care Act?

Large employers must offer affordable health insurance that meets the minimum value requirement to their full time employees or pay penalties.  Learn More.  Sent 1/23/15.

3 Ways the Affordable Care Act Impacts Your Small Business

This article discusses waiting periods and the requirement to distribute the Notice of Exchange and Subsidies.  Learn More.  Sent 12.10.14

Important Deadline: Required Notices & The Health Insurance Marketplace

The Marketplace allows individuals to find and compare private health insurance options available to individuals, families, and small businesses.  Learn More.  Sent 9.30.13

Deadline for Distributing Notice of Exchange and Subsidies

The Exchanges (or Marketplaces) allows individuals to shop for health insurance coverage, but they must enroll by a certain time each year. Some individuals may be eligible for a premium subsidy through the federal government.  Learn More.  Sent 8.8.13.

Obama Administration Postpones Large Employer Healthcare Mandate Until 2015

This article discusses the postponement of the Large Employer Healthcare Mandate until 2015.  Learn More.  Sent 7.3.13

Will You Owe a Pay or Play Penalty?

This articles introduces the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision.  Learn More.  Sent 6.18.13