Profit Mastery

Profit Mastery

James Moore is Bringing Profit Mastery
back to North Central Florida in September 2017!

This two-day workshop will equip you with the tools to achieve business control, survival and success 

Starting and running a business is always a challenge, given the failure rate of 50-70% in the first four years. The economic volatility of the last few years has only increased that challenge.

Profit Mastery is a leading financial management program that gives participants the tools and confidence needed to manage their businesses by the numbers. The program provides independent business owners unparalleled financial perspective and tools to take advantage of opportunities. Starting and running a business without Profit Mastery is like setting out for an unfamiliar destination without a road map. You’ll be introduced to invaluable management resources that should be part of every business owner’s tool kit. You will laugh, too—we promise!

The Profit Mastery Class consists of two days of live instruction, including hands-on activities.  The class is taught by Steve LeFever, MBA, CFE, who is the founder of Profit Mastery and one of the most unusual bank managers you’ll ever come across. He is arguably the most dynamic financial and independent business advocate working in North America today, and he is amazingly adept at presenting sophisticated financial concepts and tools in practical, understandable language. This is finance like you’ve never seen it before! Hear what others have to say about the workshop.


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 Hear What Attendees from previous Profit Mastery sessions have to say!

“Steve made the information come alive.” - McGriff-Williams Insurance

 “Everything was done very well.” - Hines Electric

 “Instructor was extremely good.” - Scarborough Insurance

 “Loved the course!” - H&H Liquid Sludge Disposal

 “Excellent presenter who kept us engaged both days!” - Trendy Entertainment

 “Very informative, well presented.” - Watson Construction

 “Very entertaining.” - Infinite Energy

 “Excellent class and will recommend to everyone” - Command Medical Products

 “Great class, thought it was very educational.” - Absolute Aviation

“Love the technique, delivery, and content.” - Giles Electric