Are you interested in finding a career?
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Why did you major in accounting? When this question is posed to students nearing graduation the most common responses include, “Because my parents are accountants. I like math. There’s always a need for an accountant.” No matter what your reason, we may have a place for you. Our firm has been voted a “Best Place To Work” because of our benefits packages, our focus on work/life balance, and the day-to-day variety afforded staff. We aren’t a Big Four – and we don’t want to be. We want to provide professional opportunities based on our team’s interest and client’s needs. Your first year with James Moore will include working on tax and audit engagements. It will also include working with multiple industries. Our goal is to help you find what you excel in. Your career is defined by you. Ready to find out more? Visit us at an upcoming career fair or contact Julie.

What makes our interships worth the time? While some firms promise real-world experience, we deliver. Versus developing your coffee-making skills, we introduce you to the professional world of accounting. You will sit alongside our accounting staff, working hand-in-hand to learn more about our auditing and tax practices, as well as accounting procedures specific to industries like start-up technology, nonprofit and government. Our goal is to prepare you with the tools you need to begin developing your career in public accounting. Internships are offered during the Spring semester. To be considered please forward your resume to Julie by October 15th.

Not sure if public accounting is the career for you? James Moore has developed an interactive on-site training focused on tying what you think a day in the life of an accountant would be with what it really is. (Trust us – it’s not just about number crunching!) For more information on our Summer Leadership Summits please email Julie.

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