So many ideas.

You have all the training and ideas in the world to make your technology company a reality. But for every accomplishment there seems to be another hurdle on your road to success.

To hire or not to hire. 
                    Forming strategic partnerships.
                                                     Business know-how.
                                                                                  Securing funding.
                                                Efficient and effective accounting services.   

You can count on us.

Building a company from the ground-up takes a lot of dedication and expertise. The composition of your foundation will determine the measure of your success. Our Technology Team is in-tune with not just the accounting issues you face, but also the day-to-day issues surrounding your industry. We can offer solutions and services to help strengthen the management team and ultimately increase your company'sattractiveness to investors and strategic partners. Services provided include:

Assurance – Audits & Review
Tax – Planning & Compliance
* Accounting Services – Consulting, Training & Outsourced Accounting Services
* Grant Administration Services

You started your technology company because you have an idea that's going to revolutionize the world. Dealing with accounting issues probably wasn't part of your plan. Following the industry's best accounting practices is the only way to set your company up for financial success. 

James Moore is poised to help your company move forward - no matter what hurdles you may encounter.



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